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Odin Works Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block

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Odin Works Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block
Part Number: OW-GB-ADJ
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The Odin Works low profile adjustable gas block is manufactured to ensure the proper function of the gas system. It is engineered for suppressed/unsuppressed configurations with 20 adjustment points allowing optimal operations settings.

Technical Specs

  • 20 adjustments.
  • Fits .750" diameter barrels.
  • Inconel adjustment screw and spring.
  • Weight: 2.15 oz.
  • Made from carbon steel.
  • Includes detent ball, cross pin, set screws, and hex wrenches.


To Disassemble for Periodic Cleaning:

  1. Loosen set screw #1
  2. Loosen and remove screw #2.
  3. Carefully remove spring and detent ball.
  4. Remove gas adjustment screw #3.
  5. Soak in cleaning solvent.
  6. Assemble in reverse.

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