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Leaper UTG Rear Flip Up Sight

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Leaper UTG Rear Flip Up Sight
Part Number: UTG-MNT-955
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UPC: 4712274528390
The Leapers UTG Low Profile Dual Aiming Rear Sight is precision built from aircraft grade aluminum for superior durability" and a spring-loaded Posi-lock design with side plunger release allows for easy flipping and folding of the sight. These AR 15 Iron Sights by Leapers are equipped with a dual aiming aperture that not only boosts your accuracy during normal shooting" but is also ideal for moving target engagements as well as limited visibility shooting environments. Easily installed on a picatinny rail equipped AR platform" the Leapers UTG Flip-Up Dual Aiming Sight guarantees zero retention with a Posi-lock plunger coupled with spring activated ball bearings. Make your rear sight as important as your optic with the Leapers UTG Dual Aiming Rear Sight for AR.

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