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Hera Arms CQR AR15 Buttstock Black

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Designed for the civilian market as well as LE/Military, to create one of the most rigid and compact Rifle Systems based on the widely available AR15 Platform. The CQR Rifle Stock is a easy to install replacement buttstock for Mil-Spec AR15 Rifles using a Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube.

In combination with our CQR Front Grip, operators will get a lightweight, compact and ergonomic SBR System.


Platform: AR15

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Length: 12"

Material: High Strength Polymer

Made in Germany


The only difference between the “normal” CQR and the “California” CQR is the addition of a “removable” machined aluminum plate which prevents your fingers from accidentally – and illegally – gripping your fingers around a pistol grip.

Warranty is with manufacturer.

Images show an NFA item.

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