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Stainless Spring Loaded Receiver Tension Screw

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Armory Dynamics Stainless Spring Loaded Receiver Tension Screw
Part Number: AD-LP200106
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Armory Dynamics Stainless Spring Loaded Receiver Tension Screw replaces the standard Armory Dynamics Nylon Tip Screw. This is an upgrade feature that allows easier and quicker breakdown of the receivers.

Approximately 6-12 pounds of spring loaded force between upper and lower receiver. The tighter the screw is set the more force of the spring.

With our standard set screw you have to set the tension with the grip off and then remove the grip to adjust tension if it is needed later. With the spring loaded set screw you set it once and forget it..

Once installed though the bottom and the grip is in place, you can actually set it set the tension from the top and not have to remove the grip.

Requires a small flat blade screwdriver to install.

  • 18-8 Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Steel Ball
  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Made In USA
We do recommend that you use Vibra-Tite or equivalent. Do not use Lok-Tite.

If you choose not to use Vibra-Tite you may also use a nylon tipped set screw under it to lock it in place (Part number: AD-LP200103)

***Amory Dynamics makes no claim that this will fit other manufactures receivers. / It's flattering and a big thank you to the other manufactures that have our receivers and used ours as a template to try something similar. :)

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