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Armory Dynamics DD-214 AD-15 Lower Receiver

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Armory Dynamics AD-15 DD-214 Lower Receiver

UPDATED: DD-214 on Left side (REMOVED THE TEXT "RIFLE" due to Kalifornia to only show DD-214) (Why: it had a rifle designation.. and Kalifornia only wanted to allow it to be made into a rifle and not a pistol.

Safety Selector: 

  • Safe: Retired
  • Fire: Active
  • FA: Recalled

A portion of the proceeds of the AD-15 DD-214 receivers will go to veterans service organizations.

These are not your every manufacture with a different name on them lowers.... 

A lifetime manufacturer's warranty included to cover any manufacturers defects... This does not cover misuse, alteration or being run over by a tank or sold by your significant other.

  • Caliberber: Multi
  • Markings: Bullet Pictograms
  • Low Shelf: RDIAS Compatible
  • Forging: "Coin Forged" and heat treated for precision and better surface quality.


  • AD Logo
  • DD-214 Selector Markings

Extra Standard Features

  • Ambidextrous Selector Switch Holes
  • Machined hole in the bottom of the fire control well for adjustable triggers.
  • Bolt Catch Dog Leg Screw (No more scratching or marring your lower trying to put your roll pin in or taking out)
  • Receiver Tension Screw (No more slop between upper and lower / No need for wedge or other device.)
  • **Rear Take down Detent Screw (No shooting the rear detent spring across the room or kinking)
  • Works with Battle Arms Development 45 Degree Safety Selector (No special modification for the selector to fit)
  • Fire Control Well ready for "any" drop on trigger system.
  • Grip Screw Hole drilled all the way though for for adjustable triggers.
  • Tolerances under 5% to zero of Mil-Spec instead of the 10% or more of most lowers/uppers with slop.

The Extra Standard Features are much needed and a major step up and higher standard compared the normal lower receivers on the market.


  • 1ea Lower
  • 1ea Bolt Catch Screw
  • 1ea. Detent Spring Screw
  • 1ea. Receiver Tension Screw
  • Armory Dynamics Lifetime Warranty
    • Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects & having the lower shot in the course of a home invasion (*restrictions apply). It does not cover modification or alteration to lower, cross threading, misuse or abuse, fire, being run over by a tank, theft or sold by your significant other.

 *Warranty Restrictions: Must be the first owner of the lower and able to validate you are the legal owner along with notarized copy of police report. Lower must be returned to be inspected, authorized / validated and destroyed.

**Rear Take down detent spring may require a small easy modification (depending on manufacture of spring) - Wear safety Glasses and use wire cutters to cut off two coils of the spring - check fit - if screws does not fit flush, cut off half a coil,  no more.. then check fit and see if screw will screw in and sit flush with rear end if not only take of one quarter (1/4) more. At this point it should fit.

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