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Magpul Magazine Gen M2 MOE With Window 223 Rem/556NATO 30Rd MAG570 Black

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The PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE Window is a 30-round polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons chambered in 5.56x45 NATO/.223 Remington that offers a cost-competitive upgrade from the aluminum USGI magazine.

It features impact resistant polymer construction, an easy-to-disassemble design with a flared floorplate for positive magazine extraction, a resilient stainless steel spring that's black-oxide coated (MIL-DTL-13924D) for corrosion resistance, and an anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased magazine reliability.

In addition, durable dual-side transparent windows allow for quick determination of the rounds remaining in the magazine. With a high visibility indicator coil on the spring and numerical markers on the magazine body, the MagLevel™ system provides positive verification without affecting the durability or reliability of the PMAG.

Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) is a line of firearm accessories designed to provide a high-quality, economical alternative to standard weapon parts. The MOE line distinguishes itself with a simplified feature set, but maintains Magpul engineering and material quality.

Made in the USA.

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