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4.5 oz Tungsten Carbine Rifle Buffer H2

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Armory Dynamics 4.5 oz Tungsten Carbine Rifle Buffer AD2 H2
Part Number: AD-LP1001402
Availability: In Stock: 6

The Armory Dynamics Buffer is ~4.5 ounce tungsten core. No powder or oil to leak out over time. Replaces standard buffer.

Machines from Solid Aluminum Rod. Weight may vary slightly.

  • Carbine / Rifle Length
  • 223 / 5.56 Caliber and others
  • Mil-Spec Bumper
  • Reduces bolt bounce
  • Reduces muzzle rise
  • Anodized
  • ~4.5 once
  • Tungsten Core
  • Maintenance free
  • Made In USA

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